The dirty group….

Today is the last day of performance, it’s been a fun experience. Each time I perform Bernadotte I feel like the character changes every time but with the same monologue. Bernadotte has become a humorous part of my life and will miss playing her weird self. The basement section has its own quality too of characters each one makes the performance even more quirky and crazy, Brad the mole, Lauren the crazy cat lady, els the magician and so on… The dirty group will carry on being dirty.
Angee Sanchez Garcia

Successful two days!

With the atmosphere at a high the team put their soul into the last two days of performing 6 times a day. We got our final shows calling today at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. You can pay on the door! Come and discover the hidden gems of Putney library

Mel X


Something along the lines, that the process of rehearsal is completely unnerving, not knowing what the hell is about or going to be. In this specfic space, you might not even know what some aspects of the performance is which results in still not knowing what or how the performance as a whole represents or communicates.

This whole experiance has been a challange but so creative, exciting and full of laughs, leaving me taking away adapted knowledge, friendships and a look of prominard theatre.

David Amos

Dress rehearsals 

Yesterday the people show and roehampton students had a technical dress rehearsal with a practice audience. Everything went prefect and smoothly and the feedback we received was amazing as we allowed the audience to discover the many hidden gems in Putney library.